Cost efficient, emissions free hand delivery with POD

Our pricing is based on the services we provide, such as printing, envelope insertions and distribution.

Printing prices are based on separate quotes. Distribution is based on quantity and weight as described below:


Letters 0-100 gr 9,60 kr

Letters 101-250 gr 19,20 kr

Letters 251-500 gr 28,80 kr

Letters 501-1000 gr 38,40 kr

Letters 1001-2000 gr 57,60 kr

Multi ex delivery to your office 25 kr/kg


National packages 129 kr/st. plus 38 kr/kilo

Within EU

Letters 0- 100 gr 22,00 kr

Letters 101- 250 gr 44,00 kr

Letters 251- 500 gr 75,00 kr

Letters 501-1000 gr 140,00 kr

Letters 1001-2000 gr 220,00 kr

Rest of the world

Letters 0- 100 gr 26,00 kr

Letters 101-250 gr 55,00 kr

Letters 251-500 gr 85,00 kr

Letters 501-1000 gr 170,00 kr

Letters 1001-2000 gr 265,00 kr

Other services

Envelope printing 0,40 kr/envelope

Envelope insertion services 0,40 kr/letter

Following insertion 0,40 kr/letter

C5 window envelope insertion 0,85 kr

Envelope unit price 2,30 kr


Pick-up charge from printer 400 kr (F4-Print free of charge)


Delivery of single package within toll (Stockholm)

Day time: 600 kr between 08:00 am and 05:00 pm

Standby 1: 1 000 kr between 05:00 pm and 10:00 pm, 06:00 am and 08:00 am

Standby 2: 2 000 kr between 10:00 pm and 06:00 am


For mail to addresses in Sweden, which we don’t deliver ourselves, we use other vendors (Swedish Postal office alternatively Bring CityMail). Deliveries are according to their delivery lead times.


Daytime services

For deliveries the same day (print needs to be done no later than 11:00 am), or if you wish proof of delivery, a surcharge is added:

25 kr per delivery in Stockholm City (Regeringsgatan  - Birger Jarlsgatan - Blasieholmen - Regeringsgatan and in between).

50 kr within toll (Stockholm),

200 kr inner suburbs,

380 kr outer suburbs

Up to 2 kg. Above 2 kg, 10,00 kr/per kg.


For long haul deliveries, we charge 195 kr/10 km for packages up to 500 kg alternatively maximum 1m3.

Packages above 2 kg are shipped through our sub-contractors such as DHL, World Courier among others.

If no other services are desired, we ensure delivery to Europe and USA the day after. For other international destinations, we ensure delivery within 2 working days.

For warehousing, we charge 150-350 kr per pallet space and month, corresponding to 1m².


All prices are excluding VAT.

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